Former NFL Star Jared Veldheer Gets Job In Michigan School Cafeteria

February 13, 2022

The kids at Saint Paul the Apostle in Grand Rapids couldn't help but notice some major changes when they lined up for lunch on the first day of school.

nfl player school cafeteria cook

"They are seeing things on the menu like beef bulgogi and tikka masala," says principle Michelle Morrow.

But that wasn't the biggest thing.

"I was confused because our lunch lady turned into a six-foot tall guy who used to play in the NFL," says 7th grader Taylor Wisinski.

Jared Veldheer was an offensive tackle in the NFL for 11 years before retiring this past spring.

"I was looking for something to do time wise and with the vacancy here, I figured I'd give it a go," Veldheer said.


Seeing how he gets to be in the same school that his own kids attend, the job had some perks but at $15 an hour, most of them are a far cry from the millions he made playing football.

Still, he insists there are similarities.

"You know you have your day to day goals," Veldheer said. "We start prepping. Go through the prep process. First group starts at 11."

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