Boy Uses 'Make-A-Wish' Grant To Feed The Homeless For A Year

November 11, 2021

A 13-year-old boy in Jackson, Mississippi, didn't use his Make-A-Wish for a Playstation or a trip to Disney World.

He used it to feed the homeless.

make a wish kid feeds homeless
Abraham Olagbegi and his mom Miriam

13-year-old Abraham Olagbegi was born with a rare blood disorder and needed a bone marrow transplant.

His transplant was successful, but he qualified for Make-A-Wish - an organization that grants wishes to children will serious illnesses.

Abraham decided he wanted a long-lasting wish.

"I remember we were coming home from one of his doctor appointments and he said, 'Mom, I thought about it, and I really want to feed the homeless'," Abraham's mom, Miriam Olagbegi, told CBS News.

So, that's what he did.

make a wish kid feeds homeless
Abraham / Make-A-Wish

In September, Make-A-Wish helped Abraham organize a day to hand out free food in Jackson, Mississippi.

"When the homeless people get the plate, some of them would come back and sing to us and thank us," he said. "And it just really feels good, it warms our hearts. And my parents always taught us that it's a blessing to be a blessing."

But Abraham's wish is still not fulfilled. Make-A-Wish will help Abraham feed the homeless once a month for one year.

After Make-A-Wish finishes his wish in August 2022, Abraham plans to continue helping the homeless.

He wants to turn this effort into a nonprofit – one he's already named "Abraham's Table."

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