Entire City Comes Together To Make Dreams Come True For Child Fighting Cancer

November 16, 2013

bat kid san francisco

An entire city came together in support of Miles Scott, a 5 year-old recovering from Leukaemia. Thousands of San Franciscans lined the streets cheering on Batkid as he and his favorite super hero, Batman, saved the city from evil super villains.

cheering on batkid in san francisco

The bat duo arrived in a slick, black Lamborghini with Batman decals.

batkid saves the day

People of all ages came to support Batkid. Some even made t-shirts.

batkid fans tshirts

There was even a damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued from the explosives tied to her back.


Thank you Make A Wish Foundation for making his dreams come true.

bat kid saves city

Photos courtesy of Twitter

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