Anonymous Donors Pay Off $95,000 Worth Of Medical Bills At Local Hospital

January 21, 2021

A pair of anonymous donors have paid off $95,000 worth of medical bills at Pratt Regional Medical Center in Pratt, Kansas.

anonymous donor pays off medical bills
Pratt Medical Center in Kansas

USPS mail carrier Britt Oller said she noticed something different in the mail she was delivering on Tuesday.

"I just kept seeing this red thing on the top of the letter saying this is not a bill open immediately for records and I just thought man I hope these people read this," Oller told KSN.

To her surprise, when she got home, the same letter had been delivered to her house.

"I searched further the letter it said you have been chosen by an anonymous donor and we have paid off your hospital bills," said Oller.

Pratt Regional Medical Center siad they were able to pay off the bills of 430 families thanks to the donors.

"The majority came from one donor but both of the gifts together were 95,000 dollars to help people in need here at Pratt Regional Medical Center," said Luke Kumberg, the director of patient financial services.

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