Meet The Hero Who Saved A Little Girl From Being Kidnapped

November 4, 2020

Two sisters are being hailed as heroes for stopping the abduction of a little girl in London after they noticed suspicious activity.

woman saves girl from abduction
The woman who stopped him / @shansdeya

The Good Samaratan, Shannon, says her little sister alerted her that "something was not right" so she walked outside in a residential area in Mitcham when she noticed a man behaving strangely and holding a young girl with his hand over her mouth.

In the video, Shannon follows the man and demands that he "let her go" and asks "what are you doing with her?"

When she finally reached him, the man let go of the girl and ran away.

After the video went viral on Twitter, residents helped the police locate the suspect and he is now in custody over the alleged kidnapping attempt.

Shannon is being praised by thousands of people on social media for her bravery and not hesitating to take action.

"I wish I could thank you all individually, I'm not a hero Im just glad I had the courage to follow through," she said.

"My little sister is the real hero here, she's 11 years old and was able to notice that something was not right and called me straight away. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to save that little girl."

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