10-Year-Old Donates 619 Toys To Children's Hospital. Now He's Donating 100,000 Meals To The Needy

November 1, 2020

A ten-year-old in North Texas is on a mission to spread kindness.

act of kindness 2020
Credit: @orion_monaco_jean

In July, Orion Jean was selected as the National Kindness Speech Contest Winner. Upon winning, he decided he wanted to create his own "Race to Kindness" events to help spread kindness around the world.

"A couple of months ago, my parents entered me into a national kindness speech contest hosted by Mr. Brian Williams, the founder of Think Kindness. I just entered it thinking, nothing is going to come of it," Orion said.

"I was paired with a speech coach and he would help me improve my speech and that speech was good enough and I won. People all over America helped vote. Everybody saw this message and voted for me. I was gifted with a cash prize to do my very own kindness project and I decided that there are so many people around the world who could be helped by this project so I decided to start a series of events called the 'Race to Kindness'."

His first event was a race to 500 toys.

On September 13, Orion donated 619 toys to Children's Health in Dallas, TX.

race to kindness
Credit: @orion_monaco_jean

But his race to kindness campaign is far from over.

For his next challenge, Orion partnered with Feed The City to donate at least 100,000 meals to people in need by Thanksgiving.


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Each bag includes a bottle of water, fruit, a granola bar, apple sauce and a positive handwrittten note.


Today will be extraordinary!!! Thank you @tangotab @legacyfoodhall

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On Halloween, Orion officially crossed the 35,000 meal mark.

"Thank you to all of my donors for helping us nearly fill a U-Haul truck with food," Orion said.

"I know that we can change this world just by being kind!"

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