Hero Dad Rescues Driver from Massive Fire On Route to Disneyland

October 8, 2013

Bob Michels and his family were en route to Disneyland when a big rig driver in front of them veered off the highway, where it crashed and burst into flames. "I knew I had to stop and do something," said Bob, who abruptly stopped, jumped the guard rail and ran toward the fire to pull the driver from the wreckage.

The truck, filled with paper towels, set 10 cars on fire at a Carmax parking lot.

"We saw him leaning in the driver's side and trying to get her to come out, " Bob's wife Aimee explained to reporters. "And as he was doing that I could see the flames starting to come up in the back of the cab."

Aimee admits she "freaked out" as the scene unfolded but the whole family is proud of his selfless feat. Bob has yet to meet the female driver, who suffered non-life threatening injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

In the meantime, the family did make it to Disneyland, where he was named "honorary citizen" for the day.

Aimee was able to catch some footage of the huge fire and rescue on her phone.

(VIDEO footage) http://screen.yahoo.com/popular/only-2-man-saved-big-052300242

Good News Source: Yahoo! News

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