Guy Loses Job, Becomes A Local Superhero Named 'Captain Manchester'

October 2, 2013

A man in England is turning his free time into a force for good.

Known only as 'Captain Manchester,' this do-gooder's true identity remains a mystery. After losing his job, he began walking the streets of Manchester helping the elderly with groceries and picking up litter -- not the superhero work we're used to seeing in movies, but super all the same.

When a fan asked him what his superpower, he said, "Good deeds."

Captain Manchester has used Twitter to reach the city's denizens since the beginning of September. He originally wore a Batman mask before creating his own red-striped superhero outfit, and now he even has business cards.

In a recent interview with the Oldham Chronicle, Captain Manchester says he was inspired by the superhero comics he reads, and just needed a productive way to fill time while he looks for a job.

He says he told two friends about his new occupation, but besides that he leads a superhero's double life. Not even his girlfriend knows.

"I'm not sure how long Captain Manchester will carry on but I will always enjoy helping people out," he told the Oldham Chronicle. "My message to anyone inspired by Captain Manchester is — help someone out today."

"You'll be surprised how good it makes you feel."

Source: Huff Post | Photos: Twitter

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