Rescued Dog Saves Box Of Kittens From Trash

September 28, 2013

Some despicable humans throw animals away like they’re trash, but even these abandoned animals know better than to do something like that. A formerly homeless dog not only found six kittens in a trash heap, but he painstakingly carried them home.

Banzé, or Scamp, heard the cries of the kittens coming from a box on a trash pile in a neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil. He gingerly tore the box apart, and like a true mother, carried them one by one to his new home.

As a dog that once fended for himself on the streets, Banzé knew how it felt to have no one care about him. He paid forward the good deed of his owner’s adoption of him, and saved those kittens from what might have been a slow and agonizing death.

This story was first reported in 2012, but Life With Dogs hadn’t caught it, and found that a story like this is always worth sharing, no matter how old!

dog saves kittens

Source: Life With Dogs

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