Nurse Plays Violin For Coronavirus Patients To Inspire Faith, Hope And Love

July 9, 2020

A nurse at El Pino hospital in Santiago has been playing the violin for patients in the Critical Care Unit in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

nurse plays violin for patients
Damaris Silva / Credit: REUTERS/Pablo Sanhueza

Twice a week at 6 p.m., 26-year-old Damaris Silva returns to the ward to play a mix of popular Latin songs, bringing joy to patients in critical care.

"As soon as I walk in the patients brighten, they seem happier; they smile and applaud," she told Reuters.

Silva's goal, she says, is to "give a little bit of love, of faith, of hope with my violin. Every time I do it, I do it from my heart."

Watch the video below.

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