Woman Hands Out Hand Sanitizer, Vitamin C Kits, Blankets And Food To Help The Homeless

April 20, 2020

A woman in Los Angeles is spending her free time caring for the homeless during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Shirley Raines is spending her weekends handing out supplies to the city's homeless -- including 200 bottles of hand sanitizer, oranges and lemons to provide a Vitamin C boost.

She's buying hundreds of burgers from McDonald's every Saturday morning.

"We as a team are working very hard to gather up supplies for the homeless community," Raines said on Instagram. "We will be hitting the streets again 4/18. The important items right now are: hand sanitizer, face mask, gloves, warm blankets, tents, water and of course food."

Raines said many are still sleeping outdoors, so she and her team are also providing blankets and tents when they can as well.


Thx u @bite for the hand sanitizer donation! Thx u to our social media family for the donations that made this possible.

A post shared by Shirley Raines (@beauty2thestreetz) on

"Trying to find a way to help that protects them and us at the same time. It doesn't leave them hungry and cold and feeling alone," Raines told Newsweek.

"We're letting them know that as long as we're able to, as long as the city doesn't shut down, we will be out there every Saturday to give them more supplies."

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