A Church And Mosque Came Together On Christmas To Feed And Provide Medical Screenings To The Needy

December 29, 2019

A mosque and a church in New York joined to spread holiday cheer to hundreds of members of the Westbury community.

The Westbury United Methodist Church partnered with the Islamic Center of Long Island to celebrate what different faiths have in common.

"When we join our Christian brothers and sisters for Christmas, this is a message of love and peace which we should all believe in the universal message," said Dr. Isma Chaudry of the Islamic Center.

Together the group served struggling neighbors, delivering a warm welcome and warm meal.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself, that is what the Lord has called to all the faiths," said Rev. Dr. Elon Sylvester of the Westbury United Methodist Church. "That is the highest ideal that we aspire to."

"My faith also teaches me you take care of your neighbor," said Imran Pasha of the Islamic Center of Long Island.

In addition to a warm meal, the two organizations provided free health screening.

"We don't see religion as a border, we see it as something that's there to help," said volunteer Khavi Ahmed. "I want to create a bond between all faiths. I think when it comes down to it we are all human."

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