Teacher Carries Student On His Back So She Doesn't Miss Field Trip

September 25, 2019

A teacher at an elementary school in Kentucky went above and beyond to ensure that a student didn't miss out on a fun class field trip.

teacher carries student special needs field trip
Ryan / Credit: Team Ryan Facebook

Ryan, 10, has Spina Bifida, a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don't form properly.

The condition has made Ryan rely on a wheelchair to get around — so a hiking field trip was less than ideal for the Tully Elementary School student.

Ryan's mother, Shelly, was preparing for an alternate field trip day when a teacher reached out to her and offered to carry her daughter on his back all day.

"If I haven't bragged on my kids school enough - well, listen to this," Shelly wrote in a Facebook post.

"They are going on a field trip to Falls Of The Ohio today. Obviously, NOT accessible. I was preparing for an 'alternate field trip day' when a male teacher reached out and said 'I'm happy to tote her around on the falls all day!'

She is sooooo excited to do this independent from me. Omg MELT MY HEART."

teacher carries student special needs field trip
Credit: Team Ryan Facebook

In several photos, teacher Jim Freeman - who is not even Ryan's teacher - was captured carrying the fourth grader on his back in a carrier as they explored the state park.


"We are sooooo blessed to have an ENTIRE school that is so compassionate and empathetic and NEVER make her feel left out," Shelly said.

teacher carries student special needs field trip
Credit: Team Ryan Facebook

Speaking to a local news station, Freeman said the gesture was nothing more than a way to help a student in need.

"This is just one physical act that you can see, but we do this countless times throughout the school day and throughout the year," he said. "All the teachers here at Tully and JCPS, they work harder than most people realize."

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