Police Officer Helps Woman With Car Trouble, Drives Her Daughter To School

September 21, 2019

A video shot by a woman in Texas is going viral after a local police officer stopped to help her with a flat tire following a blowout and ended up giving her young daughter a ride to school.

Shemecas Mabry said she was on her way to drop off her daughter at Lake Air Montessori School in Waco, but she didn't get far before she heard a strange noise coming from her car.

With about 45 minutes before the tardy bell was scheduled to ring, she pulled into a gas station and discovered one of her tires had blown out. And to make matters worse, she couldn't restart the car.

Waco police Officer John Rozyskie was on patrol in the area when he spotted Mabry and her daughter and pulled over to help.


"He stopped and asked if I needed any assistance pumping the air to my tire because where he was standing he couldn't see what was going on with the tire," Mabry said.

"When he got around he saw the tire was blown out. Then when we were getting ready to move the car in front of the pump we realized the battery wasn't working either."

Without hesitation, Mabry said the officer offered to remove the car seat and give the girl and her mom a lift to school.

That's when Mabry began to shoot the video.

"Don't ever tell me what God can't do," she says while shooting the video of her daughter getting into the police car.

"This policeman seen me standing over here, my tire was flat and from getting to the house to the store it completely blew out. My baby got 30 minutes to get to school and this policeman saw me in Waco saw me and stopped to help to take me, to take my baby to school."

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