13-Year-Old Opens Bakery And Matches Every Sale With A Donation To The Homeless

June 26, 2019

A 13-year-old boy in Maryland runs his own bakery and matches every sale with a donation to the homeless.

Meet Michael Platt.

13 year old cupcakes business
Credit: Michael's Desserts

From a young age, Michael loved cupcakes. He spent many afternoons at his computer watching YouTube bakers.

At just 11 years old, he founded Michael's Desserts which operates on a unique business model.

For every cupcake sold he donates one to the homeless.

"I knew that I wanted to make a business, but I knew I didn't just want to make money, I also wanted to help people at the same time," he told WJLA.


“Your business model isn’t sustainable. What can a cupcake do?” My answer to adults who tell me this: In my opinion a cupcake can do a lot! I’ve seen a cupcake inspire smiles, tears, amazement, joy, satisfaction, happiness and other private emotions that I won’t share out of respect for people’s dignity. I’ve passed a cupcake to someone sitting with all their possessions in a shopping cart and had them tell me that this one simple act gave them hope. I’ve left a cupcake beside someone who’s sleeping under blankets on a grate because their friend on the grate next to them said it was ok when I asked. That’s why I give away cupcakes. I’ve been told that my business model isn’t sustainable and that I can’t scale my business while giving away a dessert equal in value, ingredients and labor to the ones I sell. I just look at those people and think about the next cupcake I’m going to give away! #hunger #changetheworld #giveaway #cupcakes #food #foodaccess #foodjustice #foodsecurity #dignity #feedthepeople #cookies #pie #changeagent #bethechange #kidpreneur #dreams #hope #sweettreats #oneforone #1for1

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Michael partnered with No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit that provides meals and hosts educational programming for children.

And while he's been told by many that his business model is not sustainable, his business has continued to grow.

He told the Washington Post that he sells about 12 cookies, 75 cupcakes, and 12 rotating "chef's choice" items every month.

"I always wanted to have a purpose for what I do," he told The Washington Post. "It's all about helping people — not just having a purpose for yourself, but thinking about, 'How does this touch other things?'"

You can follow Michael's Desserts on Facebook and Instagram.

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