Man Named Miracle Saves Woman Who Plunged Into Creek

April 26, 2019

A tow truck driver in Baker County, Florida, is being credited for saving an elderly woman's life.

miracle man saves woman who crashes
Credit: News4Jax

Chris Miracle, 26, was heading to another county around 2 a.m. on Thursday when he noticed lights flashing from the woods near a church.

He drove about another mile and felt the need to turn around.

"Something didn't feel right so I turned around," Miracle said.

Searching for the source of the light through some thick brush about 40 yards off the road, he spotted a car plunged headfirst into a creek.

He opened the car's door and found a 77-year-old woman trapped inside.


The driver had reportedly veered off the road after an apparent mishap with her medication. Without a phone and unable to open the door, she turned on her hazard lights, played gospel music, and prayed.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, is out of the hospital and is doing well. She told News4Jax she's thankful for Miracle and the first responders who came to her rescue.

Miracle said he doesn't think it's likely he would have noticed the car without the flashing lights. He doesn't think anyone would have seen it during daytime either.

"God's work," he said. "Right place, right time. It was meant to be."

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