Homeless Man Reunited With His Beloved Pet Rat

April 18, 2019

The NSW Police reunited a homeless man in Sydney with his missing pet rat.

homeless man reunited with pet rat

Earlier this month, NSW Police asked for the public's help in finding a woman they believed stole the pet.

Chris, 59, received an outpouring of support after it was revealed Lucy went missing. Chris and Lucy are a well known duo to many Sydney residents, who walk past them every day.

On April 6, Chris went to use a nearby restroom and when he returned, Lucy was nowhere to be found.


Chris's story came to light when a picture of him was posted on social media along with a sign he had made that read: "My pet rat Lucy was stolen on Saturday."

It turns out a woman, who walked past and saw Lucy alone, believed she had been abandoned, so she took her home and cared for her.

NSW Police posted a video of the emotional reunion.

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