Young Woman With Down Syndrome Fulfills Dream Of Being A Flight Attendant

April 6, 2019

A young woman with Down Syndrome has always wanted to be a flight attendant. This week her dream came true.

woman down syndrome flight attendant
Credit: JetStar

Georgia Knoll, 25, from Queensland joined Jetstar's cabin crew for a day after the airline learned about her dream.

"I'm just trying to break through barriers, push everything aside and be yourself," Georgia said.

"Part of my passion being a flight attendant is making people happy."

Jetstar reached out to Georgia after a video of her practicing as a flight attendant was shared to Facebook by her sister, Kathryn.

The airline then flew Georgia and her mother from Mackay to Brisbane. After learning the ropes and getting her own uniform, Georgia was given the chance to shine as a flight attendant on her trip home.


Georgia greeted passengers at the Brisbane Airport as they boarded the plane and assisted with the safety demonstration.

"On the flight back she did safety demonstrations, she was serving food, greeting all the passengers and she went from Brisbane back to Mackay on the flight and everyone at Jetstar was so welcoming and so lovely," her sister Kathryn told Daily Mail Australia.

Nicky, the cabin crew manager on the flight, said having Georgia on board was a wonderful experience for all involved.

"Georgia is so full of life and is great with our customers, she was such a fantastic addition to our team and we all felt so lucky to have her spend the day with us," she said.

Watch the video below.

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