Man Surprises McDonald's Employee With A New Car

January 14, 2019

A regular customer at a McDonald's in Hutchinson, Kansas, surprised an employee with a new car.

man buys car for mcdonalds employee
Chris Ellis, Vicki Anderson, Josh Ellis / Credit:

Chris Ellis, a businessman from Wichita, is a frequents the McDonald's where Vicki Anderson works.

The first time Anderson served Ellis in the drive-through she wondered if he might be drunk.

"He was crazy," she told The Whichita Eagle. "It was all, '10-4, good buddy.'

"Somebody doesn't usually talk to you like that, you know what I'm saying? . . . I was scared to answer the window."

Her boss suggested that she have some fun with Ellis and give him back a little attitude, and a relationship was born.

Ellis says Anderson is always ready with a big smile and a laugh.

"She was so friendly at the drive-up window," he says. "I looked forward to it every time."


On Monday, Ellis was in the drive-through and Anderson asked him if he knew anyone who might have a cheap vehicle for sale. Her car had died and the $500 it would cost to get it fixed is more than the car is worth.

"Fate looked me in the eye when she told me that story," Ellis said. "I couldn't stop thinking about it. I said, 'I have to do something.' "

His son, Josh, had just bought a new vehicle and was planning to sell his 2009 Pontiac GS. Ellis was interested in buying it and asked his son what he wanted to sell it for. Josh Ellis said he'd offer a discounted price if it were for a good cause.

Ellis said he'd pay the discounted price. Josh Ellis got an oil change, cleaned the car and had the tires rotated, and the two went to McDonald's on Wednesday to surprise Anderson. She was in the back at the grill when she was told a manager needed to see her up front.

Then she saw Ellis and his son and that a manager was filming the moment.

Watch the video below.

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