Local Photographer Organizes Huge Donation Of Tamales To Hundreds Of Homeless People

December 11, 2018

A photographer in San Diego fed hundreds of the city's homeless with a mission he calls "X-Mas on the Street".

Local photographer, Abe Barron, and a group of kind-hearted volunteers, donated 850 tamales to those in need.

photographer 850 tamales for homeless
Credit: @abebarronphotography

"So in case you haven't heard or read, I'm doing a project sort of mission called Xmas on the streets," Barron wrote on Instagram.

"I do lots of work with the homeless and this year we wanted to do something special and bring Xmas to them. The mission has gotten bigger and bigger by the day. One of the things I wanted to do was have tamales to pass out my goal was to get 400 tamales to give out with every Xmas gift.

Now tamales are very hard lots of hard labor and 400 was going to be pricey. Well, @twoforksfarm sent me a message and said I will get a group together and we will do them all.


She reached out to @chefclaudiasandoval who is a world famous chef for help she came together with a group of men and woman taught them the history of tamales and how to make them this group with hearts to serve the community made 850 tamales.

That is right 850!!

So insane beyond my expectations, brought tears to my eyes but what touched me the most was they wanted to take the extra and give to the refugees across the border. I do outreach with the refugees and lots of people are against helping them so when I heard this idea my heart swelled cause they need help too and this would be a big blessing.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped these are 850 blessings!"

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