These Young Men Drove To A Nearby Apartment Fire And Saved Many Lives

November 28, 2018

A group of young men in Dallas helped save many lives thanks to their quick thinking during a raging fire in an apartment complex.

dallas men save lives apartment fire

Bryon Campbell told Dalls Morning News that he and his friends noticed the fire in the distance and drove straight to it. They immediately ran into the first floor of the building and grabbed a mattress from one of the apartments.

Campbell and his friends held the mattress in the air as they told residents on the third floor to jump.

They saved six lives, including a newborn baby.

"I told her to drop the baby down. First, she hesitated. I told her I'm gonna catch the baby. So she finally trusted me, and she dropped the baby,” Campbell said.

"I have my child because of him," Shuntara said. "She gets to live another day because of him."

A total of three people were injured, including a firefighter who suffered burns. They are all expected to be okay.

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