DJ Who's Been Broadcasting To His Wife From Their Shed For 44 Years Finally Has His Dream Come True

November 20, 2018

A DJ who has been broadcasting to his wife from the shed in his back garden since 1974 has finally been given his own show on a local radio station.

dj broadcasts only to his wife from shed
Deke Duncan / Credit: BBC

73-year-old Deke Duncan started playing records from his shed in Stevenage, England in 1974.

But with no licence, the station could only be sent to a speaker in his living room, where his wife Teresa listened.

After the BBC Archive posted a video (above) on Deke's Radio 77, BBC Three Counties radio decided to track him down. They discovered that Deke still broadcasts Radio 77 to "the smallest audience in the country" - his wife.

BBC Three Counties radio offered Deke a one-hour special on Christmas, so he can finally realize his "ultimate ambition" to broadcast to the rest of Stevenage.

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