33,000 burritos later, the Johnson family has spent every Sunday feeding the homeless

June 13, 2013

On a Sunday during the 2010 holiday season, Michael Johnson and his wife Mehrnaz decided to feed the homeless. The Johnson family including 12 year-old son Alec, along with Alec's friend Luke, cooked up 54 egg and cheese burritos and went to downtown San Diego to feed the homeless.

The idea sparked over Alec's Christmas wish list. He asked his parents for an iPad, iPhone and MacBook. He says his dad was surprised and said, "I would never buy that for you because all the other people on the street could never get that."

Nearly three years and 33,000 burritos later, the Johnsons have been downtown every single Sunday feeding the less fortunate with help from a few more boys. It inspired them to start a nonprofit called Hunger2Help, Kids Taking Action.

The boys, known as the "Burrito Boyz," and a group of regular volunteers made up of both kids and adults, start their morning cooking and wrapping up 450 egg burritos, then head downtown where hundreds of people are lined up waiting.

"Anything can happen if you take the fist step. I'm shocked at what's happened with this little project," says Michael. "Now there's a major impact, and it just took us doing something, taking action, and I think if you do that with anything in life, just take that first step, it's amazing what can happen, what the opportunities are ahead of you."

Full Story: Yahoo! News

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