Garbage Collector Rescues 93-Year-Old Woman From California Wildfire

November 15, 2018

A garbage man in California rescued a 93-year-old woman who was stranded in her Magalia home as a raging wildfire spread through the county.

garbage man saves elderly woman fires
Dane Cummings and Margaret Newsum

Residents in the area were ordered to evacuate on Thursday as the wildfire quickly turned into an inferno.

As hundreds of residents were fleeing the fire, Dane Cummings was driving toward the flames. He was worried about the many senior residents along his route, many of whom he's come to know and worried would not be able to get out on their own.

"I been on that route eight years, and I just picked the people that I knew were older, and I tried to stop and help them and let them know that they were coming and make sure they were getting out," Cummings said.


With no family in the area and her caregiver gone for the day, Margaret Newsum was on her front porch hoping someone would drive by and see her.

"So here comes this great big green monster down the road," Newsum recalled.

Cummings slowly loaded her into his truck and they raced off as flames tore through town.

Watch the video below.

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