Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Shows Nothing Is Impossible

October 28, 2018

Varsity cheerleader Kenzie Zacharias cheers on the football team every Friday, but there are plenty of people cheering for Kenzie, too.

cheerleader down syndrome
Credit: WJBK

Kenzie is 16 years old and was born with Down Syndrome. She lives in Clarkston, Michigan.

"The day she was born, we didn't know she had Down syndrome," her mother, Kelly Zacharias, told WJBK. "I said to Joe, I kind of went into mourning for 24 hours only. And I was so scared of how people were going to accept her. This is just the epitome of every mother's dream to have this happen for her and I hope it happens to other special needs children because she is capable."

Last year, Kenzie became fascinated with the cheerleading squad. One day, one of the cheerleaders took her under her wing and Kenzie has been cheering and spreading joy ever since.

Watch the video below.

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