McDonald's Employee Pays For $23 Order After Customers Realize They Forget Their Wallets

October 10, 2018

A McDonald's employee gave up nearly two hours in wages to help out a customer who realized she had forgot her wallet at home.

mcdonalds employee pays for food drive thru
Kris Knickle / Credit: CBC

Sydney Wells and Marg Murphy-Wells stopped at a McDonald's in Clarenville, Canada Monday night. After placing their order at the drive-thru window, they realized they had both forgotten their wallets at home.

Wells asked the staff to hold her order until she could return with money and that's when Kris Knickle stepped in to take care of the order.

Wells shared the story on her Facebook page:

"Sydney and I decided to go through the McDonald’s drive thru to get a treat on the way home tonight, after ordering I realized my wallet was in my other bag, I asked them to hold the order so I could run home but the young man working told us to pull up to the other window. He took out his wallet and paid for our order!

We argued until cars started backing up to let us email him the $$ but he would not budge! Our order was $23 which must be close to 2 hours wages for him. I’m sure he doesn’t want recognition but sometimes gestures like this should be recognized! Thank you Kris Knickle for the kind gesture!"

Knickle told the St. John's Morning Show that he's not worried about the money and he was just happy to help.

"I said 'no I don't want it,' Knickle told the CBC radio show. "I'm here smiling because I know I did something good."

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