99-Year-Old Walks 6 Miles A Day To Visit His Wife In The Hospital

September 5, 2018

Luther Younger is determined to visit his wife in the hospital every day, despite not having a car.

So, the 99-year-old from Rochester, New York, walks over 6 miles a day in the blistering summer heat.

Luther has been married to his wife for 55 years.

"I want to see my wife," he says. "I love my wife."

"She made a man out of me. She made me more than I ever could be."

In 2009, Luther's wife Waverlee was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She's been in and out of hospitals ever since. Luther is determined to visit her every day.

He said people often offer him rides, but he declines. He likes to walk because it clears his mind and he says he's always done hard labor for work. Luther is also a former Marine who fought in the Korean War, and he prides himself on his physical strength.

But his daily walk isn't about proving how strong he is. It's about proving his love for Waverlee.

CNY News reported that Waverlee is expected to leave the hospital this week.

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