Bodycam Footage Shows Police Officer Save Man Just Seconds Away From Being Hit By Train

July 26, 2018

Bodycam footage shows the heart-pounding moment when a New Jersey police officer saves a man who was just seconds away from being hit by an oncoming train.

video shows cop save man from being hit by bus

Perth Amboy Police Officer Kyle Savoia is seen running alongside the tracks toward a man wearing a red shirt, who appears to be lying on the tracks.

Savoia yells at the man in a panic, telling him to "move" and get off the tracks.

At the last second, the man hops off the tracks as the bus comes to an emergency stop.

When Savoia asked him if he was okay, the man replied between heavy breaths, "Where'd you come from? Thank you. Oh my God. Thank you so much."

It is unclear what the man was doing on the tracks.

Watch the video below.

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