Houston Police Officer Replaces Man's Stolen Groceries

June 15, 2018

A Houston police officer has paid to replace groceries stolen from an diabetic man after he collapsed in a parking lot.

police officer buys groceries for man who had them stolen
Houston Police Department

Officer Kirsten Koryciak was working security at Walmart when she noticed a man, who earlier bought groceries, walk back inside the store with a bandaged arm.

She asked what happened and the man said he had a diabetic episode and collapsed in the parking lot. He said that while emergency personnel attended to him — someone stole his groceries, about $20 to $30 worth of items.

Officer Koryciak then offered to purchase the man's groceries.

"That's part of my job, to care about people and to help people," she said.

Officer Koryciak bought around $25 worth of groceries and medication for the diabetic man.

She added that she "didn't think twice" about the gesture, and that she "would do it again in a heartbeat" — not for publicity, but to "pay it forward."

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