Teen Learns Why Elderly Man Is Buying A Shovel And Goes Straight To His House After Work

June 8, 2018

A Mississippi teen is being praised for helping an elderly man bury his beloved dog of 15 years.

teen helps man bury dog ace hardwares sam coleman

Sam Coleman-Dancer, 19, works at an Ace Hardware store in Cleveland, MS.

Two weeks ago, an elderly man walked into the store looking for a shovel. The man proceeds to tell Sam how he was just diagnosed with cancer and was having to bury his beloved dog of 15 years.

"He told me about the times they spent together, walking and playing fetch. He said his dog had always been there for him. He was very emotional, and it touched me," Sam told The Dodo.

"I told him I would like to come to his house after work and help him bury his dog," he said. "His eyes opened wide. It was amazing. He said, 'I can't let you do that. Are you sure?' I said, 'I'm positive. As soon as I'm off work, I'll head right over'."

And he did just that. After work, the 19-year-old went to the man's house and helped him bury his loyal companion.

"Something he said stuck with me," Sam told WLBT. "He told me that great things come to you at unexpected times and we both smiled. Definitely something we will both remember. He asked me if there was anyway he could repay me and I told him 'yeah, by taking a picture with me'. Because I know that picture is something I will cherish forever."

teen helps elderly man bury his dog
Credit: Ace Hardware in Cleveland, MS

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