School bus driver uses quick thinking to save 11 children from deadly tornado

May 1, 2013

An Indiana school bus driver is being called a hero after saving 11 children from a deadly tornado.

Seeing the tornado in the distance, the bus driver, Angel Perry, used her instincts and quick thinking to turn the bus around and head back to the school instead of continuing to the chldren's homes.

"I stopped the bus for a second, put my hands down and I said, 'Dear Lord, what do I do?'"

The 18 ton school bus was no match for the fierce winds. Perry was able to keep the children calm while outrunning the approaching tornado. Her quick thinking was caught on tape by the bus' CCTV camera.

"A tornado is on the ground guys. Quiet! The tornado is on the ground. If you got a book to put over your head, do it. Get in the middle. Everybody stay together. All our group together. Yeah, go go go go! Go go go go!"

Perry was able to reach the school and rush all 11 children into the building. Just moments after everyone was safely inside, the tornado lifted and threw the school bus into a restaurant across the street.

Thanks to Angel Perry, no one was injured.

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