Teen Uses Umbrella To Shade Elderly Woman For Nearly 2 Hours At Bus Stop

May 22, 2018

A teenager saw an elderly woman waiting at a bus stop in the hot sun so he pulled an umbrella out of his car and kept her in the shade for nearly two hours.

teen shades woman at bus stop
Credit: Bernette Botts

Louis Jordan was picking up his mother from work in downtown Houston when he saw a stranger in a wheelchair waiting for a Metro Lift, a public transport bus for individuals with disabilities.

"It was unbearably hot. I wouldn't want to be out there in the sun," Jordan told KTRK-TV.

Jordan grabbed an umbrella from his car and walked over to the woman to keep her in the shade. He said he waited with her for nearly two hours.

"Come to find out, it was going to be a little longer for the Metro Lift to come and get her," he said. "We ended up waiting out there for an hour and 45 minutes."

Jordan's mother, Bernette Botts, took the photo which has drawn praise from around the country.

"I am one proud mama," Botts told the news station.

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