Police Identify Missing Dog By Seeing If He Will Sing Along To His Favorite Song

April 13, 2018

A husky howled to the theme song of Israeli sitcom "Shemesh" when police played it for him, confirming he was the missing dog they were searching for.

missing husky found by playing favorite song
Credit: Jerusalem Post

A dog that matched the description of the missing husky was spotted by police officers while out on patrol. The dog was found with a group of teenagers who said that he looked malnourished after they found him alone in a field.

Suspecting that it might be the missing dog, police contacted the owner to suggest that he drive over to check. The owner said that was not necessary - they would be able to tell if it was his dog by playing two songs: the "Shemesh" theme song and the "Arthur" theme song.

The video shows the dog's instant reaction to his favorite songs. The officers passed on the good news to the overjoyed owner and captured the emotional reunion.

The Jerusalem Post did not indicate how long the dog had been missing.

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