Couple Sends Wedding Invite To Wrong Address, Gets Back A Heartfelt Note And Surprise

March 30, 2018

A young couple in Oregon got their own wedding invitation back in the mail along with a note, a gift and some marriage advice from a total stranger.

good news acts of kindness
Cassie and Jesse. Credit: Jessica Webb / ABC News

Cassie Warren, 25, and her fiance Jesse Jones, 23, accidentally sent their aunt and uncle a wedding invite to their old address.

"We got the invitation back in another envelope. On the outside of the envelope, it said 'live long and prosper,'" Warren told ABC News. And the original invitation was enclosed with a note on the front and $20.

good news acts of kindness
Credit: Cassie Warren

"I wish I knew you -- this is going to be a blast. Congratulations -- go have dinner on me. I've been married for 40 years -- it gets better with age," the anonymous sender wrote.

"I saw the note I was just surprised and blessed that she would do that for a stranger," Warren said. "Jesse was confused at first too -- [he wondered] why someone was sending us money, then I read the message to him, and he was shocked and grateful."

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