Woman Falls In Love With A Homeless Man And Now They're Happily Married With Kids

January 31, 2018

Emmy Abrahamson never thought that the love of her life would come in the form of a hairy, barefoot, homeless man.

woman falls in love with homeless man
Credit: This Morning / YouTube

Emmy was sitting on a bench in Amsterdam waiting for a friend when a stranger walked up to her and asked her for the time.

The 41-year-old thought it was a bit "cheesy" that he asked her that considering there was a big clock sitting in front of them.

She told This Morning that she knew straight away he was homeless. "He was very dirty, and his beard was bigger then," she said.

"I also noticed that he had the most beautiful brown eyes."

Despite his unhygienic appearance, Vic and Emmy had a wonderful conversation. When Emmy had to leave, Vic made a bold move and said, "Saturday. 3 o'clock. The same bench."

It was a date.

Vic and Emmy spent the day together and the rest is history. The two are now married with two beautiful children.

Watch the happy couple tell their amazing story on This Morning:

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