6-Year-Old Amazes Pilots Before Flight, Becomes A Pilot For A Day

November 24, 2017

Six-year-old Adam Mohammad Amer has always been fascinated by planes and aviation. His dream is to become a Captain of an A380 Airbus.

On board an Etihad Airways flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi, the cabin crew noticed that the boy clearly wanted to fly the plane and was passionate about the aircraft. They decided to create the opportunity of a lifetime for Adam, by inviting him into the cockpit.

The video (below) went viral after Captain Samer Yakhlef managed to film some of Adam's aircraft knowledge on his phone. The world was captivated.

Etihad Airways was so amazed by Adam that they wanted to make his dreams a reality.

Adam became an Etihad pilot for a day, and actually had the opportunity to fly his favorite aircraft in their Training Academy.

Watch the video below.

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