Sydney's New Ferry To Be Named 'Ferry McFerryface' After Public Vote

November 13, 2017

The Boaty McBoatface legacy has spread worldwide, with an express train in Sweden named Trainy McTrainface earlier this year and a team at Sydney's Warwick Farm racecourse naming their horse Horsey McHorseface last year.

The latest victim is a public ferry in Sydney named Ferry McFerryface.

Ferry McFerryface
Credit: Transport for NSW

More than 15,000 suggestions were made in Sydney's "Name Your Ferry" competition. The name Ferry McFerryface was voted on by hundreds of Aussies in a competition which allowed the public to be part of maritime history.

"Given Boaty was already taken by another vessel, we've gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders," said Andrew Constance, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

"Ferry McFerryface will be the harbour's newest icon, and I hope it brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals alike."

Unlike Boaty McBoatface, a moniker that was actually rejected for its intended vessel for being deemed unsuitable, Ferry McFerryface has been made official.

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