9 year-old saved her mother's life as well as her own after he mother lost control of the car

February 22, 2013

9 year-old Alex Sheridan saved her mother's life as well as her own after her mother lost control of the car.

Alex's mother, Jennifer, is a diabetic and her blood sugar dropped significantly causing her to lose control of her body. Everything became blurry and the car began swerving off the road reaching a rate of 70 mph.

Alex knew they were in danger and reached over to turn off the ignition. That slowed the car down enough to crash softly into a cornfield before coming to a complete hault.

Recognizing her mother's medical condition, Alex grabbed a candy bar that is always in the car and fed her mother a few peices before help arrived.

Local police arrived soon after and instructed Alex to remove the key from the ignition and put the vehicle in park.

Luckily no one was injured, and Jennifer is very thankful for that.

"You think of the what ifs,"said Jennifer. "Besides us, somebody else could have gotten killed. Then you're so thankful. I know God was looking out for us."

Source: ThePatch.com

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