Local Police Department Makes Public Statement To Community On Taylor Swift's New Album

April 24, 2024

Once again, Taylor Swift has set the music world abuzz with her much-anticipated release of her album The Tortured Poets Department.

So, on the day of the release, the Sioux Falls Police Department decided to have some fun with it.

sioux falls police taylor swift
@siouxfallspolice / Facebook / Wikipedia

This is what the department wrote in a viral Facebook post:

For Immediate Release:

The Sioux Falls Police Department is currently responding to a high volume of noise disturbance calls. At this time all these calls appear to be related as upon arrival to each call officers are hearing the same loud music emanating from each residence followed by cries of "I 💝 you Taylor " and "This new album is so 💯 "!

We have tried to speak to the involved parties to comply with acceptable noise levels but they are refusing to comply as they state "Swifties don't turn the music down when a new album drops" followed by "we don't listen to the Sioux Falls Police Department, we only listen to the Tortured Poets Department".

With that said we have been able to rescue a few dads and brothers from the moms and daughters that have been holding them hostage playing this music on repeat for the last several hours inside their homes.

We will continue to respond as we are able, but we foresee a long few days to deal with this matter /802

The post garnered thousands of likes and shares.

"If dads and brothers say they don't like it, they're lying," one man commented.

"Can confirm, I am part of this noise disturbance," another commenter wrote.

"I just heard it coming from a police car," one person said.

Not missing a beat, the Sioux Falls Police Department posted a follow-up message the next day, cleverly incorporating many of Swift's song titles:

Dear Swifties (Taylor Swift),

I know after the posting from yesterday by the Sioux Falls Police Department that you may have some BAD BLOOD towards us, but you are just going to have to SHAKE IT OFF. Never in our WILDEST DREAMS did I think you would get that upset, quite frankly YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN just a bit. It was just a joke; you know what we MEAN. Thought you may like our STYLE. We had too much time and needed to fill some BLANK SPACE on our social media feeds.

I know you are thinking WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER, but the SFPD and the Swifties will unite once again and ride off on a WHITE HORSE in a LAVENDER HAZE in the very near future.

Please enjoy your weekend and we will keep the City of Sioux Falls SAFE AND SOUND. PS, try listening to some TIM MCGRAW, he is a bit more our type. So please don't Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate.


Your friends at the SFPD /802

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