Rookie Quarterback Gives First NFL Check To 3 Cafeteria Workers

September 30, 2017

nfl qb gives first check to cafeteria workers hurricane houston

Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans gave his first NFL paycheck to three cafeteria workers who had lost everything during Hurricane Harvey.

Watson surprised the NRG Stadium employees by handing over his first NFL game check, worth about $28,000, to help them get back on their feet after sustaining substantial damage to their cars and homes from the hurricane.

In a video posted by the Houston Texans, Watson is seen distributing three envelopes with ribbons on them to three women who work in the team's cafeteria.

"For what you all do for us every day and never complain, I really appreciate you all, so I wanted to give my first game check to y'all to help y'all out in some type of way," Watson says in the video. "Here you guys go."

Watch the video below.

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