Mystery doctor saves newborn's life with miracle operation

January 22, 2013

New parents Jodi Baker and Brian Willett were about to lose their 1 month old baby to an infection after his small intenstine burst.

If it had not been for a mystery doctor offering to perform a stomach operation, their newborn child, Jake, would not be here today.

The doctor, who still remains a mystery, was attending another child with a heart condition when he overheard the news about Jake. In the next few moments, the surgeon pulled Jake's father aside and told him, "I'm going to try something on your son. It will either save his life or end things."

The doctor explained to Brian that he has never performed an operaton like this before. Brian didn't have much time to think about it and agreed to let the doctor try.

Using only a scalpel and two rubber gloves, the doctor saved Jake's life. He reached into Jake's incubator, made two tiny cuts in his stomach with a scalpel, and drained the infection, using a glove in each incision to keep the wounds open.

The procedure worked, buying Jake enough time to be transported to a specialty hospital where a 6 hour operation would help him make a full recovery.

Jake's mother is very grateful and thinks it is a miracle Jake is alive.

"The nurse called us into a room and she said, 'Jake is not going to survive,'" said Baker. "She said we should ask our family to come up to the hospital to say goodbye to Jake and she said she could call the priest for us.'"

Brian is now planning to do an endurance test to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charity which funded Jake's stay in intensive care.

Source: Photo: Chris Davey,

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