His Severe Autism Makes Him Unable To Speak. Then He Tried Singing And A Miracle Occurred

March 25, 2017

This is the amazing moment a man who cannot talk or have any physical contact due to his severe autism sang a duet for the very first time – and even HELD HANDS with his singing partner.

31-year-old Kyle Coleman can only speak single words but has found the means to express himself through song.

Kyle's mom, Caroline Coleman, said his bond with music has allowed him to connect physically and emotionally with another person for the first time ever.

Caroline told The Sun:

"He doesn't normally let people touch him. When she first held his hand he jumped a little bit, and then seem to think 'it's okay, it's Lottee'.

She just holds his hand and he lets her. He calls her 'cousin', so you can tell how close they are."

boy with autism sings duet
Photo credit: Mercury Press

Caroline continued:

"I hope that they can continue to sing together. Kyle blossoms and grows every day.

I'm very proud, but actual more in awe of him. If you said to me a few years ago when he was like a fortress that he would be this singer I never would have believed you. I couldn't reach him.

He is unable to have a conversation. Music has rescued him from all of that."

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