Teenager from Sierre Leone amazes MIT Engineers

November 21, 2012

Kevin Doe, a teenager living in Sierre Leone, has never taken a single engineering, physics, or electronics course in his life. He is a self taught engineer, and some might say he is a prodigy.

He taught himself how to do very intricate processes with very little resources. Searching trash for scrap metals and spare parts, Kevin builds batteries, transmitters, and more.

Even crazier is that the electricity in Sierre Leone comes on maybe once a week if you're lucky. The rest of the week he sits in complete darkness. It almost seems nearly impossible for one to learn what Kevin Doe has taught himself given the circumstances.

But that did not stop him. MIT invited Kevin to be a guest resident for 3 weeks. His dreams may finally be coming true in this very inspirational story.

Kevin's goal is to promote innovation in Sierre Leone, among young people. Kevin believes that if you focus, you can do anything...perfectly.


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