Police Officers Babysit At Local Daycare After Provider Has Medical Emergency

November 14, 2016

Three Canadian police officers took on the role of babysitters at a local daycare after the provider sustained a medical emergency and had to be transported to hospital.

police fill in for babysitter good news
Photo: West Shore RCMP

According to the West Shore RCMP, the officers attended the daycare home and provided babysitting services to the four young children: "playing with balloons, singing songs, making French fries out of Play-Doh and above all, making sure those children were well-looked after while trying to make contact with parents to come and pick up their children."

Kirsty Armstrong said her son was one of the toddlers at the daycare and that he had a blast with the officers.

"They did an amazing job while we drove to pick him up," she said. "Such a positive experience for them. Police made a potentially scary situation for the kids fun!"

After two hours of play, the children were picked up by their parents with wonderful reviews of their local law enforcement guardians.

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