A Woman Battling Cancer Is Spreading Joy With Her Viral Dance Video

October 21, 2016

A Texas woman with a rare form of sarcoma is proving even the deadly disease can’t keep her spirits down. Ana-Alecia Ayala posted a video of her and her chemo buddy, Danielle Andrus, dancing at the Baylor Cancer Hospital in Dallas.

"Who says cancer and chemo have to get you down? We'll have the last laugh!" Ayala wrote on Facebook. "We want to show the world that dancing and laughter is the BEST medicine."

"We just wanted to inspire and motivate people in my position to not see cancer as such a depressing, sad, death sentence," she told FOX 4. "We also wanted to encourage people/loved ones/caregivers to get out of their comfort zones (as my chemo buddy Danielle did for me) and laugh, sing, dance through the pain! Laughter has really been the best medicine for me!"

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