Puppies keep missing boy alive throughout the night

October 22, 2012

A 10 year-old boy went missing in Hackleburg, Alabama this week. The boy's family, local police, and over 100 volunteers aided in the search and rescue of Kyle Camp.

The search went all evening until 5:00 in the morning. Others continued again at 7:00am, covering over a mile perimeter of thick wooded areas.

One of the volunteers followed his family dog into the woods along a river and ended up finding the boy snuggling up with puppies. Kyle was wet and missing his shoes.  Officials believe that the puppies kept him alive by keeping him warm all night.

The lost puppies may be the only reason Kyle was found. It was the mother of the puppies who led volunteers to the missing child, in a search for her own children. Police helicopters and hundreds of people could not find him all night.

In the end, the search brought a community together. It raised a lot of spirits for people in Hackleburg to know that their neighbors will all come together and support each other in a time of need.

"It actually shows how great the community is. Everybody can pull together and come as one just to make sure one is found, I mean the community is great. I love Hackleburg," volunteer Joshua James told reporters.

Kyle was taken to the hospital and treated for minor scrapes and bruises. He is doing fine.

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