Ellen rewards inspirational teacher who educates kids living in poverty

October 17, 2012

Ellen Degeneres loves to reward people around the world for making a positive difference in someone's life.

This time the winner was a 24 year-old first grade teacher in Florida, Rachael Fausts.

Fausts joined the program 'Teach for America' her senior year of college which places passionate teachers in low income level schools. Fausts fell in love with the students and teachers at her current school and decided to stay despite the living conditions.

All of her students are living in poverty. For most, the only meal they get to eat is the one at lunch time during school hours. One student had her head on the desk during a lesson and when Fausts approached her for not paying attention, she was blown away. The young girl explained she hadn't eaten in days and is having trouble focusing.

Although the odds seem to be against them, the students still managed to earn an A average on standardized testing. This in unheard of for a school in these conditions, which has to be due to the dedication and inspiration of its teachers.

"It keeps our students and teachers motivated knowing that despite the odds, our boys and girls are high performing," said Assistant Principal Kevrette Wells.

Fausts even pays for supplies in the classroom since it is not in the school budget.

"Our school does it's very best to get us what we need, but it just doesn't have the funding. To set up the classroom I feel my kids deserve, and the way it's going to make sure that they can learn the most that they need to, I spent close to $1000 this year," Fausts told Ellen.

Ellen teamed up with JCP, and awarded Faust and her school a check for $100,000. A true inspirational story. Watch the video below.

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