Unlikely hero saves young girl from serious injury and possible abduction

October 16, 2012

An unlikely hero saves the day in a small town in Kentucky.

A prisoner on work release stopped a serious crime and possible abduction when he noticed a man following a young girl walking home from a Burger King.

Chris Tuttle was working putting in new street lights when he noticed a car pull over on the side of the road, right next to a young girl. Tuttle had a feeling something was off, and his instinct was right.

"Then she started walking off down an old country road, and he backed into where we were at, and I saw him take his pants off," said Tuttle.

The young girl was trying to resist the man while he attempted to use physical force. Tuttle and one of his fellow workers began running down the road to stop him. When the man noticed he had company, he took off in his car.

Tuttle and company were able to make sure the girl made it home safe and sound. He did not want to be recognized for his actions. Tuttle was only happy to do the right thing.

"I did what anybody hopefully would have done."

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