Police Officer Rescues Crying Kitten, Makes Her His Crime-Fighting Partner

May 4, 2016

Meet Cody Garrett, a 28-year-old police officer in South Carolina.

cop rescues kitten
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During a late night shift, Garrett received a call about a small animal crying under a dumpster nearby.

It turned out to be this tiny kitten.

good news 2016 cop kitten
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Garrett brought the kitten back to the station to figure out what to do with it. Since no one there wanted it, Garrett offered to take it home with him.

And Garrett is no stranger to rescuing abandoned animals while patrolling the streets. He has a cat named Toothless that he rescued from the streets last year as a kitten. He also recently posted photos on Imgur of a group of abused puppies he found while on patrol as well as an aging and blind dachshund wandering the streets.

cop saves animals
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As for Squirt, Garrett says she's getting online nicely with his other cats.

cop saves kitten

His adult cat, Toothless, happened to recently give birth and took Squirt in as one of her own.

happy news animal rescues

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