Disney security guard asks for autographs from costumed children

August 2, 2012

Retired and feeling like something was missing in his life, 58 year-old Freddie Wieczorek picked up a part time job at Walt Disney World checking people's bags as they entered the world famous Magic Kingdom.

When there is an opportunity to step away from the security line, Wieczorek enjoys getting autographs. But these autographs are not from visiting celebrities, they are random children dressed up as princesses, pirates, and other Disney icons.

Wieczorek wasn't happy with his life and needed that special boost that made him happy to be alive. He decided it was making people, especially children, feel special. His inner happiness returned as he watched their faces light up after they thought he had mistaken them for Cinderella.

"Their face brightens up," Wieczorek said of the moment he asks for an autograph. "This is something so unbelievable for them. It gets them by surprise and they feel special."

Wieczorek has collected thousands of autographs working 2 days a week for the past 4 years. This feel good story went viral recently after one mother posted a picture on Pinterest of Wieczorek asking for her daughter's signature dressed as a princess.

Wieczorek's says his favorite part of the job is Interacting with people from all over the world. He loves making people smile when the weather is miserable. Or explaining to children that he is checking their bags for apples because Snow White is terrified of them.

He genuinely enjoys any opportunity to make someone smile, and that is a special person.

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